Paraffin Waxes
Candle-making,Coatings for waxed paper or cloth, Food-grade paraffin wax: Sealant for jars, cans, and bottles ,Chewing gum additive,Investment casting,Anti-caking agent, moisture repellent, and dustbinding coatings for fertilizers,Agent for preparation of specimens for histology,Bullet lubricant with other ingredients, such as olive oil and beeswax,Crayons,Solid propellant for hybrid rocket motors,Component of surfwax, used for grip on surfboards in surfing,Component of glide wax, used on skis and snowboards,Friction-reducer, for use on handrails and cement ledges, commonly used in skateboarding,Ink.Used as the basis for solid ink different color blocks of wax for thermal printers. The wax is melted and then sprayed on the paper producing images with a shiny surface,Antiozonant agents: blends of paraffin and micro waxes are used in rubber compounds to prevent cracking of the rubber; the antiozonant waxes can be produced from synthetic waxes, FT wax, and Fischer Tropsch wax - Mechanical thermostats and actuators, as an expansion medium for activating such devices, "Potting" guitar pickups,which reduces microphonic feedback caused from the subtle movements of the pole pieces - Wax baths for beauty and therapy purposes,An effective, although comedogenic, moisturiser in toiletries and cosmetics such as Vaseline,Prevents oxidation on the surface of polished steel and iron.

“Please see the product specification document”
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